Build your 'Giving Back' Community Brand

Tournament Network recognizes and promotes organizations, associations and businesses which give back to their local communities.

Tournament Network - Recognizing and Promoting Businesses That Give Back To The Community

Our business listing is not about promoting you as an attorney or repairman or whatever business segment you represent. Rather, we want to call attention to your good deeds, your community building efforts and other charitable contributions!
Partnering With Charities Is Important

Why IS it important to give back to the community?
If you are an association, a small or large business, partnering with a local charity can be a rewarding strategic investment for your brand. Here are a few considerations for building your brand:
Think a minute about "Why you do" vs "What you do"
Granted, there are many benefits for your brand when it comes to partnering with a charity, the sole reasoning should be that you want to make an impact in supporting their mission or goal. “Paying it forward” has become a more common phrase in society lately that can truly help make a difference, share love and even save lives.  It’s also a great idea to choose a charity that you value and believe in. This will make the work much more enjoyable because you will be making a difference for a cause that you support.
Developing your brand
Now that your motives are pure, it’s okay to be a little selfish with this partnership. Why? Because, naturally, partnering with an organization or sponsoring a fundraising event helps build credibility and respect for your brand in the public’s eye. Studies have proven that people attending fundraisers and charitable events will read through the list of partners and sponsors to see which businesses have contributed. Your brand is getting exposure, and you’re able to hone into this new network of potential clients.
Cross-brand promotion
Speaking of a new network (as in the 'Network' part of Tournament Network), it is essential to request that your new charitable partner include your brand in their social media efforts. Likewise, you should also be tagging the organization in your posts, which will instantly help build your social media following. If you’re partnering with a charity for a specific event, it is important to mutually decide on a specific website link that both of you can begin promoting right away. Capitalize on your new social following and re-introduce your brand’s mission in creative and unique ways.
Media relations
Whether you need to recover from a recent crisis, or you simply want to build a good public image, partnering with a charity is always a plus when it comes to garnering media coverage. This goes hand-in-hand with developing your brand by creating awareness within the community. Now, may I suggest some media training to help prepare you for on-camera interviews and how to answer tough questions?  OR perhaps create a custom video and let Tournament Network promote just how becoming a community leader is important to your business!
Reaching out
So now that you’re inspired to do some meaningful work for your brand, how do you get started?  You don't always have to become a Tournament Sponsor. Perhaps you simply have a company "volunteer" day where your staff actually helps make a particular tournament run smooth the day of the event. Of course, making a significant contribution always works! Find your niche and use it to develop your brand and, most importantly, give back within your community.
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